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New Beginnings

Welcome to the new and updated website for Work In Progress coaching!

I am so pleased with the changes to my website even though I was resistant to making the change. I had originally planned on a January 1 launch because in my head I thought, “There is no better time to renew, refresh and start again than the beginning of the year” When you think about it January 1 is no different than any other date on the calendar. We can decide to make a change at any time, any date, any month, any year.

So why not February???

Each month I will be posting in this space (perhaps more if I get inspired!) on a variety of themes. The experiences and insights shared will be my own based on a life long lived from a place of inspiration, integrity and hope. I hope you will read, comment and share your own insights as my aim to create a community of humans willing to be a better version of themselves than they were yesterday.

If you looked at my old website, you will notice that this version is much simpler with less clutter. Less clutter and simpler….words to live by! I have planned a monthly theme to blog about so I hope you will check it out regularly. I will be musing about where I am at, how I got here and how you can move forward with me!

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